Common Questions

Is teeth whitening safe?

Rest assured, we would never recommend a treatment that wasn't safe for our patients. Professional teeth whitening is backed by decades of research and approved by the FDA for safe, effective use. The bleaching gel is made from a carbamide peroxide solution, which penetrates the tooth enamel to break apart staining compounds. The peroxide will not damage the tooth's enamel, although some post-whitening sensitive is normal. Sensitivity, however, usually dissipates a day or so after the whitening treatment. Dr. Harris will carefully evaluate your teeth and soft tissues to ensure whitening is safe in your unique circumstances.

What are my options for straighter teeth?

Dr. Harris offers several teeth-straightening options. Clear- or metal-bracket braces are available for minor orthodontic cases, and we also offer instant orthodontics. This cosmetic treatment involves porcelain sheaths that are bonded directly to the tooth’s front surfaces. Porcelain crowns may be another solution, depending on your dentition and long-term goals

How does the dentist help with snoring?

The treatment Dr. Harris recommends will depend on the root cause of the snoring. In many cases, the airways are obstructed by the tongue or jaw position, which can lead to sleep apnea. Most patients find relief from snoring and sleep apnea with a custom-made oral appliance. The appliance, which resembles a mouthguard, is worn at night and clears the airways to encourage quiet, restful slumber.

Should I be concerned about silver fillings?

A flurry of controversy still surrounds the silver vs. composite fillings debate. While the American Dental Association claims amalgam (metal) fillings are safe, the FDA recently reclassified dental amalgams as Class II (moderate risk) and issued a warning against the use of amalgams for pregnant patients and those with mercury sensitivities. To be safe, Dr. Harris does not place any amalgam fillings. Instead, he offers the tooth-colored alternative.

Will you see my entire family?

As a family dentist, Dr. Harris sees patients of all ages. Our general and preventive dental therapies, including dental sealants and fluoride treatments, work well for children, as well as adults. Our cosmetic dentistry services cater to older teens and adults, and we have a variety of replacement teeth services, as well. Dr. Harris welcomes the young and the young at heart, and we make every effort to provide all the treatments you need from the comfort of our La Grande, Oregon dental office.

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