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Woman places retainer on upper teeth Straight teeth, while attractive, contribute to good oral health. Dr. Harris performs minor orthodontic treatments at our La Grande dental office. Minor treatments include repositioning overcrowded teeth, bite correction, and closing gaps. Many people relate metal braces with adolescence. However, children as well as adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

More adults than ever wear braces these days – one in five orthodontic patients is an adult* – but not exclusively for cosmetic reasons. The savvy consumer knows that you're never too old to enjoy the health benefits of a straight smile. For instance, symptoms like earaches, dizziness, headaches, and neck pain can all be associated with a misaligned jaw. Correcting the bite will alleviate these symptoms and improve function and comfort, while reducing the potential for tooth wear. In addition, straight teeth are less prone to decay and gum disease.

For adults, we offer discreet alternatives to traditional metal braces. You can now opt for clear or tooth-colored brackets (the part of braces that bond to the teeth). Clear braces offer all the same benefits of traditional braces, yet they're more discreet, so you don't have to worry about as much metal showing in your mouth. Dr. Harris will help you decide whether clear or traditional braces are best for you.

*American Association of Orthodontists

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